Freemasonry is a brand, blue its colour, the Square & Compass is its logo, supported with value statements like “Making Good Men Better” and “Our Principles Make a Difference"

How can I join?

To join Irish Freemasonry, you must reside in the Island of Ireland. To become a mason you must meet the qualifications and be accepted by a Lodge. There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Freemasons and their activities. The following may answer some of your questions or worries.

What is Freemasonry?

Letter It is the world's oldest and largest fraternity dating back at least to the Middle Ages. Its purpose is to promote the bonds of friendship, compassion and brotherly love.
Politics has no role in it. Neither is it a religion, as some would have you believe, but rather a friend and promoter of all religions which are based on the belief in a Supreme Being.
Regardless of their position in society, Freemasons meet as equals.
One of the most fascinating aspects of Freemasonry has always been how so many men from so many different walks of life can meet together in peace, never discuss politics or engage in religious debates, conduct their affairs in harmony and friendship, and call each other "Brother".

What do we do?

Letter Freemasons are respectable citizens who are taught to respect and conform to the moral laws of society and to abide by the laws of the country or state in which they reside. They are men of charity and good works who strive to support those less fortunate than themselves both inside and outside the order.

What are the qualifications?

reemasonry is proud of its philosophy and practice of "making good men better." Only individuals believed to be of good character are favourably considered for membership. Every applicant must be 21 years of age or more and respected in his locality.

What goes on at a meeting?

Letter A Masonic meeting can be compared to a committee meeting or to a small "parliament" with various officers performing specific functions.
A Chairman (called the "Worshipful Master"), Secretary, Treasurer and so on.
Items on an agenda are taken sequentially and will typically involve a ceremony, involving a candidate, which dramatizes his inner growth in morality and ethics, using the symbols and metaphors of Biblical revelation and the tools of the mediaeval stonemasons.

Antique tools used by Freemasons
Antique tools that were used by Freemasons and Carpenters

Announcements are made and the business of the lodge dealt with.
Proposals requiring assent are put to a vote.
The atmosphere is convivial but dignified.
The meeting is usually followed by a supper or dinner, called a Festive Board, depending on the occasion, which is again convivial.
If this description appears limited, it is not because Masons have sinister secrets to hide, but because to reveal what goes on in detail would spoil the enjoyment of the ceremonies for those who have yet to participate in them.

How do I find a lodge to join?

Letter There is a popular misconception that to become a Mason one needs to be invited to join, that there are some cloak and dagger operation involved.
In fact, the reverse is true - a longstanding convention within Freemasonry is that it is the potential candidate who should do the asking! If you know a friend or neighbour who is a Mason and you have a notion of joining just ask him. He will be delighted to talk with you as all Masons are proud to be members of their own Lodge.

2B1 Ask1

If there is no one to whom you can turn - and provided you reside in Ireland - just e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating

  • Your name in full,
  • Full postal address and
  • Your telephone number and area code. 

In due course, a member of staff from Freemasons' Hall will contact you and hopefully will be able to provide you with the name of the Secretary of a Lodge near to you. No one will twist your arm.

The process after your Application

  • Your name will be put before the Lodge.
  • A committee (of perhaps two or three) will talk to you to ascertain that you are a man of good character and that you believe in a Supreme Being.
  • The committee will report its recommendation back to the Lodge.
  • Other Lodges in the Masonic Province will be asked if they have any comments about your person.
  • A vote will be taken and, if found acceptable,
  • You will be on your way to being a fully-fledged Mason and you will have joined the oldest global brotherhood in the world. 

Letter T 2his whole Process may take a while (usually from the moment one of the Lodge contacted you until you are invited to your Initiation takes about 3 months). This period could be called the first lesson in Freemasonry: Patience!

Do you want to join in Greystones?

Letter I 2f you wish to join Emerald Lodge 49 in particular, please e-mail our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Do you want just an informal meeting?

You can drop the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. a brief email and he or one of the Brethren will meet up with you. We will try to answer your questions.