Freemasonry is a brand, blue its colour, the Square & Compass is its logo, supported with value statements like “Making Good Men Better” and “Our Principles Make a Difference"

My family and I were overwhelmed by the messages, letters, and by the support of the Brethren who attended the funeral.


In June the Internet Lodge, Lodge 2000, held their physical stated communication at Emerald Lodge No. 49's Masonic Hall.
It was a very interesting meeting with many Brethren present, most hailing from the North of Ireland.
The Worshipful Master presented a cheque and plaque to the Lodge, as is their normal habit.
After the meeting, the Brethren of Lodge 2000 enjoyed their festive board at the Talbot Hotel in Stillorgan.

At our own meeting in June, we Initiated Mr J∴ T∴, recently returned to Ireland from Anguilla in the Caribbean, as an Entered Apprentice.
The Candidate's father and brother, both from the Netherlands, were present for the degree, and Brother M∴ T∴ presented a plaque and glass ornament, called a "canon", to the Lodge.
A large contingent led by Worshipful Brother R∴ W∴ from Temple Lodge 6 were also in attendance having made the shorter journey to 49 from the Metropolitan area.

Worshipful Brother S∴ O’B∴, assisted by W Bro D∴ S∴, held a Hog Roast Barbeque on Saturday, 11th June, in the Lodge grounds.
An enjoyable time was had by all, and W Bro O’B∴ hopes to repeat the event next year in conjunction with Lodge 222.

I was away on holidays when these events took place on my usual motorcycle touring holiday which this year took in travelling close to the Mosel River from France into Germany and Luxembourg.


In October, we passed Br J∴ to the Fellow Craft degree and were delighted to welcome his father, Right Worshipful Brother J∴ T∴ back again, to witness his son receive the degree.

We expect to ballot for another prospective candidate in November, and I am delighted to say that our team are becoming more and more efficient at carrying out the various degrees.
Looking forward to a busy season over the next few months.