Freemasonry is a brand, blue its colour, the Square & Compass is its logo, supported with value statements like “Making Good Men Better” and “Our Principles Make a Difference"

An Invitation had been sent to the Most Worshipful, The Grand Master, Douglas T∴ Grey which was accepted. The Most Worshipful Grand Master and the Grand Secretary attended. The Most Worshipful Grand Master processed in with the Worshipful Master and took the Chair in the Hall to conduct the meeting.
The Wardens and Officers of the lodge performed their duties in an excellent manner and were duly complimented by the Most Worshipful, Th Grand Master.
The Grand Master then returned the Maul to the Worshipful Master who conducted the rest of the meeting and closed the lodge in Peace, Love and Harmony.

51 Brethren and their guests enjoyed an excellent dinner at the golf club. The Grand Master thanked the lodge and especially the Worshipful Master for the invitation and said that he had enjoyed an excellent evening.